Top Places for Local Sightseeing in Kinnaur

By Planet Holidayers

Last Updated On September 6, 2022
Kinnaur is a district in Himachal Pradesh, India. It located about 235Km away from Shimla, the state capital. And like many of the other districts, Kinnaur also has interesting places that should be seen. So, are you a foreigner/ visitor of the Kinnaur district? Or you are a local looking to sightseeing and enjoy yourself during the holidays. Here is a list of the top places for local sightseeing in Kinnaur.

Places to go in Kinnaur

1. Nako Lake

The Nako Lake is one of the top places that attract tourists in the Kinnaur District. It is known for its scenic beauty as it offers the view of snowcapped mountains. It also has a lake which is usually frozen in December and January, therefore people enjoy playing ice hockey on it.

The Nako Lake is like a picture out of a tourist’s magazine for it offers a lot of comfort for families who visit and it is even kids friendly.  It also has a helipad to easy access to the lakeside. If you are looking to stay over, then you will find welcoming lodges with good food in the lake’s environ.

Four small but significant Buddhist temples can also be found along the lake.

Do you want to see the top of the iceberg? Entry is free!!!

2. Suicide Point

Huh?? A suicide point? Don’t be scared! The suicide point is located around Kalpa in Kinnaur District. It is a quite interesting place with trenches and slopes which are somewhat dangerous. In spite of this, tourists still flood the site to view the point and experience the thrills that come with it. Like the Nako Lake, it also has great mountain scenery.

3. Kamru Fort

Are you a lover of all things Nature relate and you are looking for a spot in Kinnaur? Then you will love Kamru Fort! It is one of the top places in Kinnaur for sightseeing. With its orchard, mountain, forest, and trees, you will feel at home with nature! With all of this and many more, you will simply be fascinated by the Kamru Fort.

4. Narayan Nagini Temple

Another famous attraction and a must visit tool place for sightseeing in Kinnaur is the Narayan Nagini Temple. The Temple boasts of ancestral architectural designs the Tibetan Pagoda style. On this temple, the Kinnauri craft is clearly shown and displayed.

5. Tibetan Wood Carving Center

If you are an artist or a lover of art, exploring Kinnaur doesn’t exclude you because you are sure to find things that will interest you as well. One of such places that will interest you is the Tibetan Wood Carving Center. It is a place with various collections of carved items that many people from all over the world do visit. Not only are the items interesting to look at, they also represent a specific part of cultures or beliefs of people in the region. Art appreciative tourists do patronize them and buy these items for use or display.