Paragliding in Shimla

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Last Updated On September 6, 2022
Paragliding in Shimla
Along with its extreme natural beauty, the tourists are now offered Paragliding in Shimla to make the visit even more exciting. Though this sport is newly introduced in Shimla, it has attracted a large number of tourists since the beginning; all thanks to the popularity of paragliding associated with that of Shimla.
You can enjoy paragliding in Shimla at Waknaghat that is around 20km away from Shimla on the Shimla-Chandigarh national highway. It is a good option for the adventure loving folks who are travelling to Shimla via Chandigarh. One can stop at Waknaghat to experience invigorating paragliding or may come from Shimla and go back to the hotel after it is done.
The paragliding spot is near the market of Waknaghat and you easily reach the place via car, taxi or bus as it is located on the national highway only; you don’t have to go in the interiors. You get plenty of space for parking your vehicles. Overall, the paragliding in Shimla experience is adventurous and comfortable in every possible manner.

Paragliding in Shimla Cost Booking

You can find the Paragliding Shimla Booking counter near the gate of Bahra University on the roadside. After your booking has been done, you will be taken to the actual spot where you will have an enthralling experience for a lifetime. It is a 5 min walk on the road that leads one to the Jaypee University. Your flight will end at the Wakna village from where you can avail the free cab facility to get back to the Waknaghat market with a lot of exhilarating memories.
Paragliding is an awesome experience that might sound horrific but is undoubtedly exciting. The paragliding in Shimla cost is quite reasonable around Rs. 2,500/- per person for the paragliding session of 15 to 20 minutes. But a little bargaining may help you in grabbing a wonderful deal if you are a large group of friends or family.
You are surely going to like the amazing experience of having a top view of the lofty mountain hills, Jaypee University, vehicles moving on curvy roads, people doing their regular chores and the beautiful houses on the hills. In the nutshell, the aerial view of the place is just breathtakingly beautiful and a true treat to your eyes.