Rohtang Pass Weather in May

By Planet Holidayers

Last Updated On September 6, 2022
Rohtang Pass Weather in May
Rohtang Pass is well-known as the main snow-point in Manali. Located on the Manali-Keylong highway, it is the most loved and desired place if every traveler who is always in searches of a place that is calm and ecstatic. The beauty of Rohtang Pass in May is worth visiting for everyone.
The roads to Rohtang Pass are opened in May and that means, in May, you will able to witness the fresh beauty of the mesmerizing place. There is no place on earth that is as splendid as Rohtang Pass is. The activities like skiing, paragliding, snow biking, yak riding, and horse riding can be enjoyed in Rohtang Pass in May.
When you are visiting Rohtang Pass in May, you must carry your heavy woolens because the weather is always cold there and you can have to wear your woolens anytime there. In May, snow would be around 1-2 feet. That means that you will be able to enjoy snow even in one of the hottest months of the year. How cool is that!!
You can even get boots on the rental basis that you will have to return while returning back. There are many options that will make your trip to Rohtang Pass in May convenient. All you have to do now is pack your bags and head towards Rohtang Pass.