Here Are the Top Places for Local Sightseeing in Kaza

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Last Updated On September 6, 2022
Local Sightseeing in Kaza
In the arms of the Spiti Valley Himachal Pradesh, you will find Kaza, an exotic and a serene place. It is known as the commercial hub for the entire valley which is located at an altitude of 3,800 above the sea level. Well, if you are a person wants to know the top places for local sightseeing in Kaza, this blog post is definitely for you.
Take your eyes over the edges of Kaza which is surrounded all over by snowy mountains and terrain surface. For people who like to describe beauty in one word, Kaza has to be the lone answer.
So, which are those stunning places to visit in Kaza? Let’s take a leap ahead and discover each one of them.

Top Places For Local Sightseeing in Kaza

1. Kibber Village

Among the various top places for local sightseeing in Kaza, Kibber Village has to top the charts. This village truly signifies the Tibetan architectural beauty and whereas the houses are made of bricks and stones.
Talking about the number of houses, this village accommodates around 80 houses and even has got a Ki Monastery along with the Kibbe Wildlife Sanctuary.
For people who like to rest a bit, this village has got some super affordable homes. Foodies, make your way towards Kibber Village as exotic cuisines are awaiting your presence.

2. Ki Monastery

Located just around 7 km away from Kaza, the Ki Monastery is the house of monks. It is even known as Key Gompa which is a must visit place if you ever come to Kaza.
Wondering about its history, it was built in the 11th century and its architecture is one of the finest examples.
This Monastery comes with some fine Buddhist texts, paintings, and scripts which makes this place more significant.
At present, hundreds of nuns and monks reside in this Monastery and they even train lamas in this monastery.

3. Dhankar Monasteries

For trekkers, Dhankar monasteries are truly a heaven for earth. This place is filled with greenery and all you can see is sky and grasses all over the place.
If you are really interested in trekking, you can take a bus which drops you straight to the trekking stop.
Thinking about the inauguration of Dhankar Monasteries, Dalai Lama was the person who set this location on fire. After which, this place becomes one of the most famous spots for tourist all over the world.

4. Kunzum Pass

Situated at a height of 4551 m, the Kunzum Pass is the single gateway to Kaza. For religious lovers, you will find a temple located at the top whereas Goddess Durga outshines its glory.
It is believed that she protects the entire Kaza and keeps the evil straight at the gateway entrance.
What’s more interesting about Kunzum Pass? You will find glacier which grabs the second number position all over the world.
At last, you can even go for trekking all over towards the Moon Lake from the enchanting Kunzum Pass.
Wrapping Things Up: Top Places For Local Sightseeing in Kaza
Well, enough we have talked about the top places for local sightseeing in Kaza and it is time to visit each one of them.
Take time for your loved ones, visit Kaza and explore some of the sizzling and breathtaking destinations right from your eyes.