Kempty Fall Mussoorie – Water Fall in Uttarakhand

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Last Updated On September 6, 2022
Kempty Falls
The Mussoorie Kempty Fall is one of the most important tourist attractions in Uttarakhand. People from faraway places come to visit the scenic beauty of the place situated at an altitude of 4,500 ft. The mesmerising beauty of the place lures a large number of tourists to witness the picturesque waterfall that falls from a height of 40 ft from a lofty mountain. The fall can be visited on the Dehradun-Mussoorie path on the Chakrata Road.
There is lovely scenery surrounding the place making it even beautiful. The breathtaking stream of water starts from the southwest of village Bangalow ki Kandi and goes to the northwest falling from a height of 4,500 ft throughout the year.
It is among the oldest tourist spots in Uttarakhand that was developed in 1835 by a British officer, John Mekinan. The name Kempty Fall Mussoorie is most probably derived from the word ‘camp-tea’ as the place is just ideal for sipping a hot cup of tea in the lap of nature. It is believed that Britishers used to organise and enjoy their tea-parties at this site during the British ruling period.
The Mussoorie Kempty Fall is the largest among the five other falls that rush down the hill, flowing through stones and then, rocks and then finally reaching the plains. At around a distance of 12km down the hill, the tourists can reach to the Yamuna River after crossing Aglar River. Adding to all the excitement, the place is known well for the swimming and fishing options it offers to its visitors.
It is titled as a fascinating picnic spot that witnesses the inflow of around 10lakh tourists every year. You can find many small shops and stalls offering a wide variety of eatables and drinks for the refreshment. The place is open during the daytime only. If you are planning a visit then, you will be only allowed to visit it from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The tourists can enjoy its awesome weather to the fullest.
The most attractive feature of the Mansuri Kempty Fall is that you get to enjoy bathing in the fall and in a pond that you can reach by climbing a few steps in the flow of the stream. It is easily accessible by car, taxi or a bus.